Election Detail

So I worked from Tuesday 3am until Wednesday 1 am because last night in NYC, there was a run-off election for NYC Comptroller and Public Advocate. What does that mean to me? Overtime and lots of it.

 I am the Elections officer for my precinct and co ordinate all the polling sites. When the polls close at 9pm, cops that were assigned to each polling site return to the stationhouse. They hand to me  and I enter the results from each machine into the computer. After that, I take the results to headquarters, than Associated Press and finally onto the Board of Elections on Varick Street. It is kind of a dubious process especially after you have been up for the previous 20 something hours fielding phone calls about machine problems, conflicts, campaigning near sites blah blah blah.

It is a long day, but a nice way to make about 13 hours overtime. This run off election was a nice bonus. 

Peace out.


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