Happy Anniversary Weekend

Married: 6 years

NYPD: 9 Years

Laurie and I have been married now for 6 years. Can you believe it? Neither can I. I truly married up.




What the hell does she in you?


Super Husband



She should’ve married me..


Please shut up both of ya…..

Where was I…? oh yeah…My sister Diane and her boyfriend Rob volunteered to come up and babysit Madaghan while Laurie and I went out to dinner.  We headed on over to WildFire Grill in Montgomery. I would have supplied a link, but their website no longer exists. If you are ever in Montgomery NY, check them out: 74 Clinton
(845) 457-3770
The food is excellent, service is friendly and genuine. No sour puss-teenager-just-a-summer-job-bullshit here. The staff is truly concerned about your dining experience. I had the New England Clam Chowder and it  tasted like it was cooked in a smokey whiskey barrel- delicious. A little slice of heaven in a bowl is what it was.  Laurie had the scallops wrapped in some crispy thing and a salad. We both ate way to much!

After dinner, we thought about heading over to the bar across the street, but on second thought, why do that when we have a bar in the house? Hard to justify plunking down 50 bucks to sit at a bar and knock a few back when we can do the same at our own house. See? The bar is saving money already.

Instead of after-dinner drinks we decided to do something we can not do when Madaghan is around-shop. We headed over to Home Depot to check on the price on the french doors for the patio down in the bar and price on interior doors for the closets upstairs. What a difference there is shopping at night minus the Endless Ball of Energy.

The next day, Giants, and Jets both had a 1 o’clock start for the first time since 1984. Rob and I hit the bar downstairs and watched the Giants trounce the Buccaneers. There was alot of flip flopping between channels, (reminds me to get that other TV up) the Jets being the more interesting game.  Two big guys with access to unlimited beer.  Good times.

Oh and on a side note, I celebrate the start of my 10th year as one of New York’s Finest. Ten more to go,not that I am counting down or anything. Let’s see…with the military buy-back of 3 years…equals….7 more years until retirement!! You can not see it, but I am doing the Carlton Dance.


A good bartender always listens....

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