Revere Mandatory Fun Day

It is that time of year again. My wife runs around like a chicken without a head planning and organizing her company’s family picnic.  This year was better than last years and I will tell you why.

This year, the location was awesome. She rented out the pavilion in Thomas Bull Memorial Park. The park had for us our own parking lot, a huge pavilion, nice bathrooms, private play area for the kids. Two areas in fact. We kind of tucked away and had the whole park to ourselves.

Setting up for this year’s Luau was harder than last year. Why? Last year I didn’t do shit. This year, Laurie tasked me with providing the music for the party.  So I downloaded Jimmy Buffet and 80’s party music, loaded the car with my giant speakers, stereo reciever, and laptop. Here is the set up:

My  laptop, the prizes and stage

My laptop, the prizes and stage

Laurie put me to work even after the set up. Somehow I became the guy in charge of collecting the money for the dunk tank. 1 dollar got you one ball, or 6 balls for 5 bucks.  Who was in the dunk tanks? The managers. Each manager had their own time slot and had to sit in the tank for half hour at a time. As if that was not enough, someone, in a stroke of genius, decided that all the money collected would be raffled off to anyone who participated. That is where I came in. When someone purchased a ball, I would give them a ticket. One half went with them…the other half had their name on it and went into the bucket. Ed Peet won the 600 bucks…he was also the first  customer of the day! To further encourage participation Revere had tons of prizes to raffle off….Two Plasma TVs, Nintendo Wiis, Ipods, Two Garmin GPSs, and lots of other electronics. Laurie and I won the barbecue grill. Awesome Charcoal grill it is:

Charcoal Grill 001

Charcoal Grill 002


I know! How lucky are we?? Would have been cool to win the plasma tho. But no complaints. The grill kicks ass and takes names. You can raise or lower the charcoals to control the temperature.

Here are more pictures:

Charlie ready party

Charlie ready to party


Laurie still setting up

Laurie still setting up

The first one of the day.

Ed Peet first customer-and winner of the raffle.


Caterer setting up

Caterer setting up and setting up the volleyball.



Inflatable obstacle course and half of the play area



Fatty stayed away from the inflatable rock wall. No need to endanger anyone's life.

Laurie, Mike and Maritza

Laurie, Mike and Maritza


Maritza in the dunk tank

Maritza in the dunk tank


Laurie's turn in the dunk tank

Laurie's turn in the dunk tank

Mickey guarding the prizes

Mickey guarding the prizes


7 Comments on “Revere Mandatory Fun Day”

  1. Cecil says:

    You my good friend, are a GEEK!!!! Love the site…


  2. Pam says:

    Looks like you had a fun time. I want to go next year and helpout


  3. Tony Brown says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Tony Brown


    • oshea12566 says:


      Not quite sure if you are SPAM or not, your very nice comment is a bit generalized and vague….but here it goes:….Thanks Tony!


  4. […] On Saturday  Laurie’s company held mandatory fun day.  This year marks the third time she is in charge of planning such an event. In case you missed it, here are the links to Year One and Year two. […]


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