Top Gear Monday- CAR SOCCER

Do you like cars and comedy? I do. I found this great show called “Top Gear” on BBC America-Direct TV Channel 264, Mondays at 8pm. Cablevison customers, you are SOL because BBC America is not available to you. Sorry, you’ll have to keep checking here every Monday for a new video. That’s right, I like the show so much that I will be posting a video from their website weekly, in a new spot called Top Gear Mondays. This new blog feature will last as long as the show does. The show has been on 10 years so far, so looks good for another 10.Here is what  the show is about from their website:

Takes extraordinary and ordinary cars to the limit and beyond to find out if they’re half as good as manufacturers claim. Full of extreme stunts, challenges, celebrity appearances and weekly features, “Top Gear” is far more than a car show; you’ll find no boring stats or impenetrable conversations about camshafts here. It’s the sharp wit of hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May that make it more than just a motor show.

The banter between the three hosts is absolutely hysterical. Fast Forward to minute 4 to bypass talking about the cars.   Funny stuff.


5 Comments on “Top Gear Monday- CAR SOCCER”

  1. Eugene says:

    That looks like sooooo much fun.


  2. Eugene says:

    I am looking forward to Top Gear Monday. What is in store for next week, did they say?


    • oshea12566 says:

      No, only that the 17th is the season premiere. I am not sure what channel it is on Long Island. In fact I am not sure if IO DIgital Cable carries BBC America. (Which is different than BBC News)


      • Eugene says:

        No doesn’t look like it, but it’s a good thing we got Fios. They have the channel not sure if WE actually have the channel. I’m gonna check tonight.


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