Long Island Weekend (again)

Went out to Long Island again. This time, LIF did not rear its ugly traffic-laden head. I drove from work in Manhattan out to Laurie’s parents house in Wantagh. I got there around 4pm and waited for Laurie and Madaghan. They showed up around 8pm and off to Grandma’s house we went. Even though we were in Grandma’s house. Confused? Me too. We arrived at the Calverton House around 10:30 and went right to bed. Not too shaby.

The next day was a jam packed day of fun. Ok, jam-packed is a bit of a stretch, we only did one thing, but we did it well. Mom and Dad packed a lunch of chicken sandwhiches, cheez-its, and other goodies and Laurie got Maddie ready and I took out the garabage.  We found a nice table in the shade complete with an umbrella. The pool is huge.  It is Olympic size about 8 lanes wide; 3ft in the shallow end and 12 ft in the deep end. Nice.

Madaghan loved the pool. She was in the water from the time we got there to the time we left. She started jumping in off the sides, going under water and generally thinking that she is Mark Spitz err.. Michael Phelps.  Leaving Laurie and I to push the pool project up a few pegs. 

Laurie and I left the pool to head out to Best Buy and purchase web cams to use with Skype.  If you have not looked into Skype, you should. Especially if you have family scattered all throughout the country like I do. More on Skype and the webcam in a future post. 

 Back to our story: Laurie and I returned with our Best Buy loot and found Madaghan sleeping. No surprise there. All that swimming makes Maddie a tired girl.  Mom and Dad went out to walk Gracie and order a pizza. And order a pizza they did. Bravo my Calverton parental units bravo. Dad-if you could leave a comment what the name of  the pizza place is, that would be great.

After dinner, we popped in the 3D movie Coraline. Laure had to tape Madaghan’s glasses to her head. String be damned! Side note: I am not so sure this movie is for kids under 5. Luckily, as I was beginning to realize this, Maddie asked to go to bed. I think this marks as the first time she has asked to go to bed.

Next morning, Laurie and I packed the car, said our good byes. Maddie handled it well, in fact she said :”Hurry mommy..you’re gonna miss your plane!”  Maddie knew the dealio.


A good bartender always listens....

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