Business Trip-Almost

Laurie’s car service arrived on time, nay early. Off she went to fly out of Stewart Airport and catch a flight to Detroit, home of Kid Rock. Laurie was to be trained in how a business should run “lean”, trim the fat sort of speak. She arrived at the airport only to be told her connecting flight in Philly would be canceled. She could catch a flight to DC, than go to Detroit tomorrow afternoon. Laurie called her supervisor, trip canceled. I have an idea on how to run a business lean…stop sending people on expensive trips.

Let’s review all the things we did to prepare for Lean Training in Detroit.


  • Saturn prepped and readied.
  • Made arrangements with two sets of parental units to watch Madaghan
  • Parental Units re arranged their vacations for us
  • Laurie packed
  • Laurie cleaned the house
  • Drove out to Riverhead,Long Island
  • Drove back at the ass crack of dawn from Riverhead
  • Much more stuff I can not think of right now which I am sure Laurie will fill me in on and I will update this post.

Good news Laurie is home this week. Bad news is we miss Maddie! But it is good that she is with her Grandparents, she needs to get out of the house and spend the week at the beach, pool, on the boat, staying up late. See you in a week Booty Lou.


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