Air Conditoner Saga Update

Ok…here is the latest and greatest: Middltown Tire and Auto was not, I repeat WAS NOT  pulling a scam. Charlie’s tech pulled the AC apart and turns out the fellas at MT&A were right. Kudos to them! Sorry you did not get my business, but Charlie and me go way back. But you are in the running for the next repair on the Saturn.

Boy, am I glad we did not raise a stink and call them out of anger.




You jumped to conclusions!

Shut up.

So as of this post the Saturn is up on the lift getting new AC and new shoes. Probably going to cost over a grand. Awesome.

Just for the record, my 2005 VW has 185,000 miles on it and no major malfunctions have needed repair. Car is still going strong.


One Comment on “Air Conditoner Saga Update”

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