Air Conditioner Saga Ends

We picked up the Saturn this evening after it spent all day in the shop. We got:

  • A/C and Heater Control Assembley $200
  • 4 Tires 235/65R16 Cooper CS4 Tires $476
  • A/C Hose (Tip of the cap to Middletown Tire & Auto) $112
  • A/C Recharge $95
  • NYS Inspection $21

Total (after tax) 1,102





That is alot of mula!


Yes it is Captain Obvious. Yes it is.

Worse part of the whole ordeal? That money was the two new 26″ Flat screens. Why two you ask? Remember: one TV behind the bar; one TV for the Nintendo Wii. I also had enough money to buy the touch screen for the jukebox. Bummer, was all set to purchase those items, but the Faturn had other ideas. *sigh* Back to square one, start dancing at night to make bar build money. If I can only find that bowtie….


2 Comments on “Air Conditioner Saga Ends”

  1. Eugene says:

    Look on the brightside, atleast you saved 338 buck on a AC hose. were they really going to charge you 450 for a hose, or was 450 for the total.

    I’d say 476 for 4 tires is pretty good especially for SUV tires?

    FYI: I like the new layout better than the previous one. I like the ability to click back and forth between posts while in a post itself. I also like the picture with the curved frame. Was that the picture is self or is that the blog skin doing that?


    • oshea12566 says:

      476- not to shabby. Plus, they are Mud and Snow tires for the upstate winters. I think they were on sale.
      I agree-This layout is better,easier navigation. The picture had a curved frame to start with from the blog I took it from. I think he posts the pics with the frame curved.


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