Air Conditioner Saga Continues

Laurie got a quote from Middletown Tire and Auto of 450 bucks. The mechanic said the AC needed a new hose from the compressor to the connector than back to the compressor. And for another 200 bucks, they will happily fix the dashboard temperature dial.




Flag thrown @ Middletown Tire and Auto 


We wanted a second opinion. I took the car to Walker Valley Auto (845) 744-6441 and asked Charlie to take a gander at it. I told him what Middletown Tire and Auto quoted and he got to diagnosin’. A few minutes later he said the AC compressor hoses and whatnot are fine. The problem is the dashboard temperature selecter dial went bad. Cost 200 to fix. I think Charlie had a tear in his eye when he realized we went to another mechanic. I re assured him that it will never happen again, it was a one time slip up. We’re currently in counseling and I am happy to report we are working through it.

I think Middletown Tire and Auto tried to scam Laurie. I think they were going to fix the dial on the dash anyway at minimal cost to them. That way, the AC works, and they can charge Laurie 450 for AC hoses that were not going to be replaced in the first place. All she would of known is the AC is working and it cost 450. Did they think she is stupid? Did they because she is a woman she would be clueless on these big machine thingys with tires work? Au contraire my friends.

You are probably wondering why we went to Middletown Tire and Auto in the first place. It is convenient. They are located right across the street from Laurie’s job and she can drop the car off and walk back. Literally across the street. Now, I have to take a day off from work as Charlie says he’ll need almost a whole day Plus all four tires are being replaced.

As of right now, I can not say for sure that Middletown Tire and Auto tried to pull a not so fast one. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow Charlie will get be busy and realize “oh shit…the hoses are bad….” Could happen.  Stay tuned.


6 Comments on “Air Conditioner Saga Continues”

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, I believe they took advantage of a “un-informed” female. Happens to me all the time. Little do they know………..


  2. Woody says:

    Yes, a mechanic you can really trust is worth his weight in gold… but don’t let him hear you say that though.


  3. Jeanmarie says:

    I remember many moons ago when I lived there (ugh the hypnotist I paid to make me forget that, well sucked because I do remember) my roommate went to get something fixed and ended up with 4 new tires and some other crap that she had to pay for.

    yes a mechanic that is truthful, does a good job, and you know you can trust… you should never wander away from my boy.

    MBIII out!


    • oshea12566 says:

      I wonder if I could get a hypnotist to make me forget I live here now? Maybe he could make me believe it is not traffic I am stuck in… it is me on a surf board waiting for that perfect wave. Hmmm..


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