Riverhead Vacation 2009 Day One.

During my vacation, Laurie successfully dragged me down to Long Island. I wish I could just zap down there and skip the drive all together.




Don’t you want to see your family??

Oh dear lord. Yes.I love it when they visit. As many of you know,I do not like to travel. In fact, down right can not stand it. I commute 160 miles a day everyday. Isn’t that enough driving?

captain-obvious2Ahhh….Shut up! Get on with it!

Anyway, I found myself crossing the George Washington Bridge on my day off heading out to Riverhead, Long Island. For the one or two readers that do not know where Riverhead is, it is on the ass end of Long Island.  I wish they would invent the Star Trek transporter thing already. No one would have to listen to me bitch about driving.

We arrived on July 9th.  Here are some pictures:

Maddie could not wait to read the paper!

Maddie could not wait to read the paper!


After Maddie read the newspaper and took a snooze, we went four-wheelin on the beach to see “where they all hang out”:

We traveled down the beach a bit and found the Bouy Tree. Or as Maddie says, Boobie Tree.

Onward. Just around the Boobie Tree is a monument made from the best stuff on Earth. Well at least to one guy it is. He made this…garden retreat…from beach trash  er…stuff.

Beach heaven?

Beach heaven?

Mom trid to kidnap Madaghan-again.

Mom tried to kidnap Madaghan-again.

Madaghan tried to make a break for Conneticut.

Madaghan tried to make a break for Conneticut.

Than we stuck around for the sunset:




Maddie wanted to help the sun set by tickling it down. She is touched.

The sun went down and we rode back to the house for some s’mores and Doughboys. What is a doughboy you ask? Ahh…heaven…on a stick. Email me for the recipe.

Brick Oven Doughboys.

Brick Oven Doughboys.

This brings us to July 10th’s boat ride.


A good bartender always listens....

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