Wood Pellet Day 2009

Wood Pellet Day 2009 was pretty uneventful. Which is a nice change compared to last year. I called True Value in Pine Bush, and was informed the pellets were in. I then called Budget truck rental in Middletown and snagged myself a 16 foot truck. Sweet. Total bill for 3 tons of pellets, truck rental and gas was 990!

Big Mean Orange Machine "getting to know" the Budget truck.

Big Mean Orange Machine "getting to know" the Budget truck.

When I arrived with the first ton of pellets, I had a good scare because as you can see, they were leaning to the left. Like a junkie.

Pellets have a hit of methadone.

Pellets after a hit of methadone.

This year instead of using the hand truck to move 5 bags at a time, I smarted up and used the tractor bucket to transport the bags from the truck to the garage. I rule.



9 bags at a time baby

9 bags at a time baby


Take that foreign oil!

Take that foreign oil!

Now, we are all set for the winter. We now have about 6 tons of pellets to heat the house for the winter.


5 Comments on “Wood Pellet Day 2009”

  1. Jay says:

    Yeah, that machine looks pretty damn handy. This year, I used the tractor and the trailer I got, but last year was pretty bad moving 4 tons by wheelbarrow.

    How much did you pay for a ton? I paid $279. They went up to $299, so I got them just in time. I figure if I need more during around Feb/March, I can either order another ton or just go to the Depot with the trailer and get half ton at a time.


    • oshea12566 says:

      The Big Mean Orange Machine does come in handy. Laurie will come home with a tree that needs to be planted and I am able to dig the hole in about 10 minutes. I also have a snowplow attachment, which also doubles as a grader and other attachments. It really is worth the money.
      I paid 250 a ton-but that does not include delivery. I had to pick one ton up at a time at True Value Hardware store.
      Supposedly, since house construction was down this year, pellet production was down too and the True Value store manager said the pellet company is predicting a shortage for this winter. In fact, he was only allowed to order a certain amount. If you have time I would pick up another half ton whenver you can. Nice thing about pellets is that they will not go bad.
      Keep my email handy, if you have an awful time getting bags towards the end of the season, shoot me an email and see if I have extra.


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