Madaghan’s New Pajamas

Laurie went out to to the store on her lunch break to buy some clothes for herself. Of course she could not resist in buying something for the Booster. Laurie bought Madaghan new silk pajamas. Maddie immediately  tried on her new pajamas and asked: “are you gonna put this on the blog?” How could I tell her “No”? I couldn’t. I swear all she has to do is smile at me and she is going to have a pony. Or a Porsche. Or both. The blog post was so important to her she actually stood still and allowed her picture to be taken. I am in big big trouble. Here a couple of pictures:


Check out my guns.

Check out my guns.




Oh I am in trouble. Silk Pjs at the age of 3.


3 Comments on “Madaghan’s New Pajamas”

  1. Eugene says:

    awwww…she is tooo much…silk is nice, very sophisticated 🙂

    That second to last picture is a soo adorable!!


  2. Me says:

    Who’sthat beauty queen?…Loved the new PJ’s


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