I Speak for the Trees

I Speak for the Trees!

So today when I came home from work, Thompson Ridge pulled into the driveway with a brand spanking new Pink Dogwood. That’s right, a pink tree.  Laurie wanted to fill the corner of the yard where Sierra committed his killing spree of vegetation. Retarded dog.

To save a few dollars, I planted the tree myself because that is how I roll.

Laurie carried the tree herself

Laurie carried the tree herself. With one hand.

Big Mean Orange Machine put to work

Big Mean Orange Machine put to work


The Tree of Life.

Madaghan's new climbing tree.


Let’s see Sierra dig that up.


3 Comments on “I Speak for the Trees”

  1. Me says:

    Great idea to put a dogwood tree there (any pun intended)? Pink is a fablous color.


  2. Eugene says:

    What a beautiful planting job…can’t wait to see post of the tree throughout the years and while it’s in bloom (assuming it will bloom).


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