Bar Build 022: Bar Gear

I wanted to take the time out to share my “Things for the Bar” Wish List I have been compiling with you. This is a different list than the one I have at on the right colum). Positive and negative comments are more than welcome, as this is the time for changes. You can leave links to items in the comments section if you so desire. Bash or praise the following stuff. I included the links to the items so if you felt like purchasing anything off the list, please feel free! In addition to my enduring gratitude, you will drink for free for life. On second thought, that is not much of an incentive as everyone else will be drinking for free too. Anyone that contributes will forever be emblazoned on a plaque hung behind the bar.


Here is the little list I compiled:


Neighborhood Pub Tavern/Pub Sign 49.99

 Bar Sign


It is available at Renee’s Perfect Gifts. (Item# TS111) Border Color: Green

The personalization would be:

 The O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub. Est.2010. Welcome. Pull Up A Stool. Good Times, Cold Drinks & Great Friends. Brian and Laurie O’Shea- Proprietors.


The sign above has matching coasters:

Personalized Set of 4 Ceramic Bar Coasters With Wood and Iron Holder… $32.95 




They are also available at Renee’s Perfect Gifts. (Item# TC111) Border Color: Green

The personalization would be:

  The O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub. Established 2010. Welcome. Brian & Laurie O’Shea-Proprietors.


Cool right? I know!  Here is another idea:


CR56-BK Black 1950’s Classic Pay Phone Replica $85.00

 old Phone

CR56-BK Black 1950’s Classic Pay Phone Replica $85.00

This old phone is available here: Cool Stuff Cheap


This working phone would look pretty cool behind the bar. It is a 1950’s design, but I think it will fit in nicely.  


Map of Ireland 29.99 (146 framed)

 Map of Ireland

Found at Frame: Mahogany Top Mat: Black


How cool would that Map of Ireland look on the wall?


This next one I believe I may be pushing my luck a little. Ok a lot. But seriously, Laurie really really wants it. See how I do that? Shift the focus right to Laurie. She is rolling her eyes at me right now. But at the same, curiously not ordering me to stop posting this:


NAMCO Ms. Pacman / Galaga Home Cocktail Table $3,700

 It is available here: You buy this for us, you get your very own plaque above the bar with your name emblazoned in bronze glory. Oh,  and a reserved seat at the bar with your name embroidered on it. That way, no one can say: ”This is your seat? Well, I don’t see your name on it!” At that point, you can just laugh and point at your name while they walk away sheepishly.


Even better after the fourth beer


These next two signs I really like, hopefully you do too.


The Bar Bill Framed Print 130.00

 get it? the "bar-bill".....

Available at


Razzle Dazzle Martini Framed Print 126.00

 Razzle Dazzle Martini

 Available here


NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker In Black With 28 Pound Daily Ice Making Capacity 189.00

 Ice Maker


Restaurants and bars often look to commercial icemakers as a way to produce frosty beverages for their customers but unfortunately, these types of units can cost thousands of dollars. Thankfully, if you simply want to enjoy icy drinks in the comfort of your own home or if you like the idea of being able to produce ice cubes instantaneously with the push of a button, the NewAir AI-100BK compact portable icemaker will do the job.

Housed in a sleek, black body and sporting a compact design, this amazing portable ice cube maker produces enough ice cubes to supply a crowd within 15 minutes. Also perfect for parties, barbecues, or hot summer days, the AI-100BK has the ability to make up to 28 pounds of ice per day, and it even gives you the choice of three ice cube sizes. Installation is also a breeze: because this portable ice maker does not require a water source or drainage line connection, simple plug it in into a standard household outlet, fill it with tap or bottled water, and start enjoying ice wherever you might need


There you have it,a small sampling of items that will be found in and hanging around the bar. What do ya think? Once again, positive and negative comments welcome!



6 Comments on “Bar Build 022: Bar Gear”

  1. Eugene says:

    Lot’s of kewl stuff you got listed there. The old phone would had a nice touch, and yes while the O’Shea pub wont be in 50’s decor, a 1950’s style phone fits in anywhere.


  2. Chemgeek says:

    The Galaga table brings back soooooo many memories. That would be at the top of my list.


  3. dad-orheyyou says:

    Happy Birthday Brian -O- Not that we wish to fan the flame of your wish list, But did not want you to get dupes, so fellow bloggers know that you are getting O’Shea Pub Sign & Matching Coasters for your “B” day Look for delivery around 2-3 weeks love Mom&Dad


  4. […] 2009 June 28 tags: bar stuff, Birthday present, coasters by oshea12566 In response to my Bar Stuff post awhile back, the O’Shea’s from the Riverhead Contingent realized my birthday was […]


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