Horseback Riding!

On Sunday morning Laurie, Maddie and I decided to go horseback riding at Juckas Stables (845) 361-1429, located on Rt. 302 (just a few miles north of Rt. 17K) in Pine Bush.

As we were walking towards the nice big red barn, I could have sworn I heard the horses drawing straws hoping and praying not to be the one chosen to carry me, the fat one. We were happily greeted by Cal, who had us fill out the do-not-sue-us paperwork.  While Laurie and I were filling out the forms, Cal was busy helping Madaghan get fit for the proper size helmet. All the attention was going to her head. I would go so far as to say she thought she was da bomb yo.  Caitlin was very cool and paid alot of attention to Maddie, who by the way, was cool calm and collective around the giant horses. She listened as Caitlin explained how to hold on, how to stay in the middle of the saddle, how to keep your back straight etc.  Amazing how much better she listens to other adults other than her parents.

Cal introduced Maddie to a horse named “Frosty the Slow Man”, a horse they reserved especially for kids. Frosty is older, about 60 in human years. He didn’t mind carrying Madaghan in fact; Caitlin said Frosty probably did not even notice Madaghan was on his back. Frosty just kind of lumbered along down the trail with my firstborn hanging on. Laurie rode a beautiful horse named Montana who followed Frosty a little too closely if you ask me. The one who drew the short straw was Splash.

Laurie and I both snapped pictures along the trail; Click the picture to enlarge it! (Click your browser’s back button when done looking)





8 Comments on “Horseback Riding!”

  1. Eugene says:

    awwwwww she looks so cute on the horse with her little horse riding helmet. Looks like you guys had a great time.


  2. Me says:

    Ok,when are you building a barn for her pony. Looks like you had alot of fun. I noticed not too many pictures/video of “fatty buttpants”


  3. Wait a min…I’m realllyyy impressed with the balance Maddie had with the horse…geez, horse riding seem easy when viewed afar off…but try mounting one…then it’s the opposite….nice pics…and uhm, i think this has just given me a gear towards my 1st horse riding adventure….thanx


  4. […] August 1, 2010 by O'Shea Shenanigans This morning we were supposed to go to Splash Down Mountain but when we woke up and checked the weather, the forcast called for highs of 75 and scattered thunderstorms. Not such good water park weather for a little one. So, we thought about going horseback riding at Jucas Stables because they allow 5 years olds and as a bonus it is very close by. We have actually been to this stable once before along time ago. […]


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