MDA Hop A Thon

So, yesterday was Maddie’s Hop A Thon. Maddie hopped a grand total of 152 times. Yeahh!!! Whoo Hoo! Go Maddie Go!. Thanks to all that contributed and sponsored her.  Please send your checks to my crib payable to MDA or Muscular Dystrophy Association if you feel like writing it out on your check :-).  I’ll be making a post listing those that sponsored Maddie Boots but for now….drum roll…..

Special thanks to Eugene Lampione, Rookie Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire who donated 50 bucks courtesy of his hard workin’ LIRR ridin’, house sellin’ website designin’ baseball playin’ ass. I called him and told him “Dude, 5 bucks woulda been cool, I think you added an extra zero.” Know what he said? …..Do you?….. Of course you don’t…you were not on the phone with us……So, I am gonna lay it down for you. This cat breathed in a deep breath…….paused…..exhaled……..and calmly stated: ” That is how I roll.” Chills right? I know.

Eugene, thank you very much! MDA thanks you. Maddie thanks you. We’ll be rolling your money down to Maddie’s school on Wednesday.

Peace out.


2 Comments on “MDA Hop A Thon”

  1. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I had some extra money laying around so figure why not be generous for my favorite cousin…….wait for it………..North of the city and his daughter and donate that money to charity? Glad I could help and hope Maddie had a fun participating, sounds like she did 🙂


  2. Jeanmarie says:

    it’s been awhile, when are you going to blog?


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