Mother’s Day & Laurie’s Birthday 2009

Diane and Rob came up to visit us for Laurie’s Birthday. They came up Saturday afternoon. As soon as they pulled into the driveway we headed off to Pennsylvania for a house warming party. One of Laurie’s friends at work just bought a house in Milford, PA.  We got there around 3pm and many many Blue Moons later left around 6:30pm. Good times had by all, especially me.

On Sunday morning, Madaghan, Diane, and Rob all made breakfast for Laurie. Here are a couple of pictures:

Maddie stirs from the countertop

Maddie stirs from the countertop


Hey, Where did everyone go?

Hey, Where did everyone go?


Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes Stripes Vs. Polka Dots.

In case you were wondering,Diane made Laurie scrambled eggs with sausage on a roll.  A little while after breakfast Diane and Rob headed back down to Long Island.

Laurie, Maddie and me went to Thompson Ridge nursery and bought a whole lotta plants. Maddie had a grand ol’ time walking around the nursery putting random pots onto the cart. A few we even kept. The nursery was very crowded, but you’d be proud of me-I held it together and did not feel the need to bludgeon anyone with a blunt object. We paid for our plants and headed off to Hannaford’s Supermarket or as some people refer to it, Hanovers. Whatever you wanna call it we bought ice cream cake for the birthday girl. We made one more quick stop at True Value hardware. Why? I needed man stuff. Plus Laurie needed 20,000 pounds of bird seed because we feed the entire bird kingdom. One time I came home and the birds were lined up on the deck threatening bodily harm if  I did not bring them seed immediately but that is another post entirely. When we got home, Laurie mowed the lawn and Madaghan and I burned cardboard garbage. Before anyone comments about Laurie mowing the lawn on Mother’s Day / Birthday, I want to make it known that she likes to do it. She in fact loves it. Sometimes I have to hide the mower’s spark plug so she can’t mow the lawn for the 5th time in a week. It really is quite disturbing. I think she needs to go to Mowers Anonymous.

After the lawn was mowed, we ordered some Luigi’s. When I got back with the food, Laurie had a nice tall glass of Blue Moon waiting on the set table. Sweet. That is why I married her. We had a nice dinner outside on the deck. After dinner, me and Maddie sang Happy Birthday to Laurie, had some birthday cake and than we all went to bed!


One Comment on “Mother’s Day & Laurie’s Birthday 2009”

  1. Eugene says:

    I bet that is another reason you married Laurie huh, her love of lawn mowing? LOL!!


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