Sal’s Place

Keith and Mason’s Communion party was held at Sal’s Place. The following is a story of something interesting that happened to me at Sal’s Place, as best I could remember. The names of the innocent have not been changed:

Sal Rules.

Sal Rules.

Sometime during my Blue Moon induced haze, I started to inspect how Sal installed his bar. Why? I was interested in the amount of overhang, how Sal has his drinkrails, how the foot rests are installed. All that. Not that I would remember. Here is a picture of Sal’s bar:

Sal's Bar

Sal's Bar

I was very interested in how Sal finished or “ended” the bar. While I was taking measurements (by marking a straw)of this man’s bar of whom by the way, I never met, I struck up a conversation with one of the patrons seated at the end corner. Oh,before I continue….a few words of advice….Never drink and measure! Ok. Glad I got that out. So anyway, while explaining to the nice man seated at the corner just what in the hell it was I was doing, Sal came onto the scene. Quick like a drunken fox, I started asking him questions, and he explained to me that the bar was here when he bought the place. He liked the way it was and made very little changes. I told him all about my basement bar, yadda yadda yadda. This is where it gets interesting. I know you are probably wondering what the purpose of this post is, and I am getting to it. Sals says to me and I quote” Hang on I will be right back.” At that point,Sal disappears into the kitchen. In my stupor I thought that was his polite way of ending a conversation with a fat drunk man in a suit taking measurements with a straw.  Oh no no no my friends.

Sal emerged from the basement bearing gifts for his new friend- The Fat Guy in a Little Suit. Sal gave me: two Southern Comfort barrail pads,one condiment holder with a cover, and one napking holder. I will take pictures of these items shortly as I wanted to write this post while it was still fresh in the ‘ol noggin.  Plus, I want to set the bar up a little bit and place Sal’s gifts in their proper places so everyone can see how nice they are.

By now you are asking yourself why did Sal give these items? I am not sure but I have some theories:

  • He has heard of my Awesomeness.
  • He is friends with Uncle Dave, and knows I am Uncle David’s favorite nephew. Or “The Original” as Dave refers to me.
  • He has heard of the up and coming O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub and wanted to be a part of the fun
  • He would do anything to shut me up

Sal is a genuine swell human being. He helped me out and did not have to. That is a good guy. If anyone reading this ever finds themselves on Long Island, stop in and say hello to Sal. Better yet, rent his place out and hold your own souray there. Invite me. I need to know the width of the drink rail.

Sal’s Place: 1495 Hicksville Rd. North Massapequa, NY (516) 731-3417

Here are some pics of Sal’s gifts set up in my bar:


Overview of Bar.

Overview of Bar. Thanks again Sal!


Southern Comfort in the Bar Rail

Southern Comfort and Monster Condiment Holder in the bar rail. Thanks Sal!


Condiment Holder

Condiment Holder-Top open.


SoCo Napkin Holder. Thanks Sal!

SoCo Napkin Holder. Thanks Sal!


5 Comments on “Sal’s Place”

  1. P. Pooler says:

    When you take the pictures with “Sal’s Stash” on it, sent it to Sal


  2. Me says:

    Very nice. Anyway you can get the pictures to Sal?


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