Blogging 101-again.

This is a  post that I thought beared reposting. After I posted this, my comments increased dramaticly. They recently dropped off again with certain nobale exceptions (Jeanmarie, Diane, Eugene, Mom). However, my readership has doubled. This was  is quite puzzling. Perhaps some of the readers need to know how to comment? Maybe they need a little coaxing to jump into the pool? Come on…the water is warm.

Here is the re-post:

I have alot of readers of my humble blog,but not many comments! I love comments. It is what makes blogging fun.  So I was thinking, how come no comments?

  • One might reply ” You are such an awesome writer, that a comment is not necessary.. all my questions are answered.”
  • Or one might argue:” Brian, I could give a crap less about your blog, therefore I will not comment”  
  • You fullfilled all my hopes and dreams through your writing. Your blog is all I live for. Really.

Perhaps there is a few of you out there that do not know how to comment? I am not sure. To reach those few, here is a pic of the area you click on to make a comment:

Click here to solicate advice, voice your opinions, rational thoughts, irrational thoughts, or just to ramble on.

If  any of you clicked on the actual picture above, I say this: Turn the computer off and never touch it again. You are banned from the internet.

By commenting you can voice your: opinions, rational thoughts, irrational thoughts, even solicate and dispense advice! You could just ramble on and on. Please, stop being a wallflower and jump into the mix. Don’t be afraid. Be not afraid. Comment.


7 Comments on “Blogging 101-again.”

  1. your wonderful sister says:

    you’re a dork…. have a nice day =)


  2. Jay says:

    Alright, alright, I’ll do it. Commenting is one thing I don’t do often, but something that I appreciate most. Maybe I will make a resolution for 2009 to comment on blogs more.

    Great job on the blog.

    By the way, I had to write the “why no comments” post on my blog too. It got people off their butts for a little while at least.


  3. Super Brother LKeith says:

    the more pictures and videos the better, awesome comment from me

    caroline prefers that i use capitals and periods….we are fighting over this and i think that i am winning….so much for the teacher police

    Hi Brian,
    I’ve hijacked the computer from Keith…thus…caps and punctuation. We LOVE the pics, videos, and your entertaining comments. Yes, it’s super annoying when you spend so much time writing and people enjoy your hard work, but don’t respond. So we’ll (at least I’ll) try to read and comment more.
    Ohh…your drive on the bridge reminded me of long trips in the car in the back seat with Alexa…I started to get car sick…so that wasn’t my favorite video, but a cool idea! 🙂

    Super Keith here again….oops i meant to say super keith here again….laughter ensues…caroline wanted to just say ha ha, in fact i thought laughter ensues was kinda better….your thoughts….maybe my new goal will be to write more comments on your blogs than what you actually write, that would be weird, would it not? damn, just used punctuation, caroline thinks i’m being obnoxious now, cool that i’m getting this reaction….ok she needs to speak with you.

    Me again…by now you are wishing we never visited your blog or did not take your “comment more” comment seriously. I’ll try to reign Keith’s nonsensical comments in more…lots of New Year resolutions we’re making here. Ok…enough from us!

    Long story short, we LOVE seeing Maddie ski—priceless!

    lowercase keith here again….so brian, if you have all of this free time to blog and redo your whole house, when you’re done, come stay with us for a month and help out with some projects….would be so great, and guess whatyou can blog from RI on our Toshiba laptop too.


  4. oshea12566 says:

    Wow dueling comments! You two are the only ones who took the lack of comment post seriously. Set the scene for me: Were you two sitting face to face each with their own laptops? (Think: Battleship). Love the battle of punctuation vs. non-punctuation. It is true, I love comments, helps me realize whom (is that right?) I am writing for. I prefer “laughter ensues” over “ha ha ha” or even “LOL.” I am very happy you two visited my blog and had a virtual arguement! Hopefully, more people will take note and jump in. I average 25 readers a day and maybe a comment a week. Alot of lurkers. Even a two word comment is awesome. Caroline…please do not try to reign Super Keith’s nonsensical comments! The more the better! When Maddie grows up and reads this blog someday, she will realize how nonsensical her Super Uncle is. Know what would be even better? Let him comment when he is drunk. Get him wasted, dial up this blog and let him type away. Don’t worry if he curses, I can edit it before it is pubished.
    I will stay with you guys for a month after my bar is built. So, first things first. Super lower case keith comes here, helps me with the bar, than we go back to RI. Work be damned! How much work would keith (notice the lower-case) and i get done if we worked together?
    Love the comment! Keep up the good work. Puncuation or no puncuation keep them coming!


  5. Eugene says:

    FYI, I love the comment by Keith and Caroline. I must admit laughter did ensue.


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