Bar Build 020: The First Beer!

So while Laurie was in Texas I was home with Madaghan. Well not exactly home with Madaghan….I dropped her off at daycare at 7am and then had the rest of the day to myself. So what did I do? I worked on the bartop of course. I put the bartop on and trimmed out the drink rail:

Drink Rail Trimmed out

Drink Rail Trimmed out

Drink Rail Trim

Drink Rail Trim

After that was completed, I turned my attention to the tap and setting up the keg. I called Casey’s Beer Distributor on RT 52 in Pine Bush and ordered a keg of Blue Moon. I also filled my CO2 tank at Haighter Firefighter Supply Store in Newburgh, NY.  Bought the filled tank home along with the keg to set up the tap. I had to drill through the bartop down into the hole in the kegerator. I did that by going up through the bottom to ensure the holes are aligned. Everything went well. Here is a picture of the first beer  in a nice tall pilsner glass provided by Keith and Caroline!:


Now, as I work on the rest of the bar, I have nice refreshing cold draft beer at the ready. Perfect for power tools.

2 Comments on “Bar Build 020: The First Beer!”

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    Mmmmm Beeer


  2. Eugene says:

    looking sweet. really coming along.


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