Madaghan’s New Garden & Sunny Day

While I was working on the bar, Maddie and Laurie high tailed it to the nursery to get plants and topsoil for Maddie’s new garden. When I built the awesome sandbox, I moved the bench up a little to leave room for a mini garden.

New Garden

New Garden

Yes, nice plants..I am digging here

How about some more sand? I mean what kind of Mickey-Mouse operation is this?

After the garden we finished with the garden we enjoyed the nice weather and tried to drain Maddie of some her endless energy. I swear she can end the energy crisis on her own-all we have to do is put her on a treadmill connected to a generator and poof! crisis solved.


Maddie trying out for tarzan

Maddie trying out for tarzan


One Comment on “Madaghan’s New Garden & Sunny Day”

  1. Me says:

    Love the new garden!!!!!!!. Maddie, don’t forget to water the flowers.


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