Bar Plan 015: Floor Plan #2

Those of you just tuning in: I have an idea. I will post a series of pictures consisting of a floorplan / layout. I ask for pros, cons, thumbs ups, thumbs down, comments comments comments on each floorplan. This will help choose which direction I go next. Once the bartop is on, I turn my attention to the rest of the room, but to which direction?? Thanks to all of you that took the time to comment! Much appreciate it! OK, on to plan #2:


Floor Plan #2

Floor Plan #2


9 Comments on “Bar Plan 015: Floor Plan #2”

  1. Eugene says:

    I like the addtion of the dart board, but let me pose some questions for you:

    1. Why can’t you put the dart board on the other side (on the side of the shuffleboard) this way you can still keep the 2 u-shape booth?

    2. Is there room at the back on the booth to place drinks and food, for those 3 bar stools?

    3. That 6′ 3″ is where a sliding glass or maybe French doors are going out to the deck you are trying to get my dad to help you build? Am I understanding that correctly?

    I think that’s about it for now. Looking forward to layout 3, if there is going to be one.

    – Eug (GO METS!!!) ;~)


    • oshea12566 says:

      Answers to your questions!:

      1. Probably will move dart board to other side…worried about foot traffic coming in and out of the future french doors. Thought about it some more and said:” screw it, if we are playing darts, that door is locked” so…look for that in future plans.

      2. Yes, back of booth will have a little shelf for drinks.Plus, not show in plans there will be 3 or 4 small tables that can be moved around.

      3. Yes the 6’3″ is the opening to the future deck that your dad will hopefully help me build. He is requiring a stiff payment of beer. He drives a hard bargain I tell ya.

      Mets suck.


  2. Jeanmarie says:

    #2 is better. i agree with Di, I think two booths are too much (was going to mention that but forgot). like the additional stools by the booth. However, wouldn’t you want the booth where the dart wall is since the TV will be over the bar, so it’s easier to see. plus you don’t want us expert dart professionals to put a dent into your stove or into the people playing shuffleboard. plus you already have the chalk board there to keep score. 🙂 ooh, and if you have the booth where the dart wall is now, you don’t need the stools, people could just sit at the booth. definitely need a card table of some sort for board games and cards baby. Hey does the u shape booth have a pull-out for out of town guests, or people that want to crash from having a good time in your bar? do you have another area in the house where people could crash, so they don’t crash?


    • Jeanmarie says:

      OR… put the booth by the shuffle board area, so they can see the bar/TV and put the dart board on the wall (outside wall). how about air hockey or fooseball vs. shuffle board? shuffle board? isn’t that the game you play outside with big sticks and slide a disc onto the triangle? you could then have dance dance revolution with a karaoke machine in the other corner (on plan #2 where the dart wall is). now we’re talkin’.


      • oshea12566 says:

        Problem is…and I should indicated this on the floor plan, is that there will be two french doors there in the corner across from the bar. Yes, shuffleboard is the game you play outisde with big sticks. There is a table top version of it..check out my wish list and you’ll see one. Makes for fun drinking games.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Not worried about dents in the stove. The wall in the floor plan is floor to ceiling. That would have to be an awfully powerful throw!…No pull out for guests in the booth…there is an inflatable matress…plus plans in the works to change Maddie’s playroom back into guest / office.


  3. Me says:

    I go with plan #2. has a more “open look to it. Where is my bed?


  4. P. Pooler says:

    Thanks, great idea for “my bed”


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