Bar Build Update

I know what  you are thinking..oh, holy jeez where has he been? I know..I know…not to worry I am back. Last week was a week from hell which I am sure most of my readers have had the joy of experiencing their very own verison of a week from hell. Well, last week it was my turn. Someday it will be your turn again. I woke up at 4 am, drove to the city, worked all day, than got back home at 8pm, asleep at 9pm only to wake up and do it all again. This went on until Thursday night when I had the privilege to work late enough to  sleep on a cot in the office. Good times. Back to the important stuff. My Chicago-Bar Rail molding came in!! Sure you are all psyched, I even picture some of you (Jeanmarie) jumping up and down in your seats dreaming of the next fiesta at casa de O’Shea.

No fears my friends, to quote Rod Wooderson:

Patience darlin'

Patience darlin'



 “Patience darling………patience. Another Fiesta is in the making.”









The bartop is ready to put on! Now, that brings me to the next dillemma: The Layout. Oh...for all that is holy, the LAYOUT! So many choices, so many directions, so many choices, so many pros, so many cons, budget concerns, what is the room used for? Will people mind having to climb a rock wall to go to the bathroom? These are the things I think about during my commute. So, I have an idea. I will post a series of pictures consisting of a floorplan / layout. I ask for pros, cons, thumbs ups, thumbs down, comments comments comments on each floorplan. This will help choose which direction I go next. Once the bartop is on, I turn my attention to the rest of the room, but to which direction?? I will post floorplan # 1 very very soon.


A good bartender always listens....

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