Maddie’s First Movie

On Sunday, April 5 2009, Maddie had her first movie-going experience. We purchased the tickets online at home and packed into the car at 10:00 for the 10:40 Monsters Vs. Aliens matinee at the Galleria Muiltiplex. She was soooo excited. After I took out a student loan for popcorn and soda, we headed down the hallway. Laurie spotted some booster seats for the kids. Maddie was very much into the movie. She sat still for the most part, only fidgety during the boring parts- which when looking around the rest of the movie theater all the other kids were doing the same. The movie was ok, funny in some parts, long winded in others. Bottom line is Maddie took a big step today. I was pleasantly surprised she was able to sit through a 2 hour movie. We’ll be going to more Sunday Matinees.

First Ticket

First Ticket


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