Maddie Plays Wii Music

Around dinner time Sunday night, Madaghan found two pot lids. I’ll stop right there, those of you with children know exactly what happend next. She started banging them together and walking around the house on parade. My eyes and skull started to move to her rythem To save my sanity, I quickly loaded up Wii music. In the picture, you will notice a character standing in between a drum and a gong. The character kinda looks like Maddie doesn’t it? Yes it does, and purposely. The Wii has a cool feature that you can customize the look of your players. Laurie and I made one to look like her. In fact, we made a Wii character for each and every one of you. Maddie thought she was the coolest thing to ever walk the face of the Earth. She thought the Wii made a character just for her. So, instead of banging the pots together, she was making music.

The Gong Show returns

The Gong Show returns

See the pot lids on the table next to Madaghan? Those are the ones I was talking about.  I also took some video for you to see:

A good bartender always listens....

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