Bar Build 013, Landscape Update, and the Tick

We had an adventerous weekend! On Saturday, it was 60 and sunny so we decided that we would work on the landscaping a bit than do some food shopping.  Laurie got to work on her rock wall. I say her rock wall because she is putting in the sweat building it rock by rock. My job was to take the snow plow off and the bucket back on.

While Madaghan was in the woods spying on the boys across the street, I got to work on the  tractor. Seems Maddie has a crush on 13 year old Dante. “he is handsome” she says. Oh boy, I am in trouble already.  As Maddie hid in the evergreen trees watching the boys play baseball, Laurie hauled boulders, & I removed the snow plow blade.

Here is a picture of the Lauries rock by rock wall:

Another Rock in the Wall...
Another Rock in the Wall…the darker ones on the right are the new ones


Laurie is making progress on her wall and is getting closer to the end…here is a picture of how far she has to go:

I love my neighbors truck.

I love my neighbors white box truck. Such a nice lawn ornament.

Now the only question is what to do with this area? Pond? Grass? If you have any ideas, let me know by leaving a comment, I read them all.

The Bucket went on a bit easier this year as I must be getting good at switching the attachments around.  As soon as the bucket was on, AJ from up the street called and asked if I could help him move some stone around his driveway. I loaded Maddie onto the tractor and headed up the road for about 1/10 of a mile. Could I get anymore redneck? Laurie waved good-bye, happy to have some peace and quiet. Moved some stone around AJ’s driveway, while Maddie played with Carly, AJ’s daughter and our babysitter.  

We returned home and I got to work on the bar as Laurie and Maddie went food shopping. I framed out the kegerator a bit, added a shelf above the wine fridge and finally secured the drink prep area.

Framed the kegerator in a bit

Framed the kegerator in a bit

Drink prep shelf glued and screwed, ready to be topped with...something.

Drink prep shelf glued and screwed. Bottom of pic new shelf over wine fridge.

By now you are wondering, what about the Tick!! Ahhh yes… the tick or as Maddie refers to it: The Ticka. While Maddie was hiding in the trees, a tick must have been spying on her.  Laurie discovered the Tick on Sunday morning while combing Maddie’s hair. Maddie was soo upset she could not understand why a buggie would want to bite her. Poor girl did not understand why her parents had her head in the sink and wiping Vaseline on her neck, prying at the tick with tweezers.  We explained it was because she has sweet blood. Well from that point on, she thought she was the coolest thing ever to walk the Earth.  Off to the doctors we go concerned about Lyme disease. Doctor told us the tick was a wood tick and not a deer tick, so all clear. Plus, a tick has to be in you for 48 hours before Lyme disease can be contracted…all clear on that too. I snapped a picture of the crime scene.
No tick, all gone.

Somebody bites their fingernails.


3 Comments on “Bar Build 013, Landscape Update, and the Tick”

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    You wrote, “had her head in the sink and wiping Vaseline on her neck, prying at the tick with tweezers.”

    since I don’t know anything about ticks, why did you wipe Waseline on her neck? Tick lesson greatly appreciated, since I’m curious.

    Sounds like Maddie was a trouper. Hope she had some ice cream after that ordeal.


  2. oshea12566 says:

    when a tick buries itself under your skin, it breaths through its butthole. Putting Vaseline on it suffocates the bastard.


  3. Jeanmarie says:

    Oh. Eeww, gross.


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