Donations Now Being Accepted (Again)

This tactic has not worked as of press time, but I won’t give up on it. Total donations collected so far: $0.00.  The next phase of construction is the bartop. I have been dreading this phase for quite a while as it probably is the most important phase. I mean who gives a rat’s ass what the frame looks like? It is the bartop that is the key to the whole project. I am going to enlist the help of an experienced finsh carpenter. Before that can happen, I need to purchase the Chicago bar rail from The 5” W x 8′ L 1-1/4” D Cherry Small Profile Bar Molding  is $135 for an 8 foot section. I need two 8 foot sections..270 total. One might ask,: “Brian, do you really need the Chicago bar rail?..that is alot of cash for some wood.”  The answer is simply “Yes. Otherwise, it would be like buying a Mustang 4cyl automatic. I want the V8 5 speed.”  The bar rail really adds a nice touch, so it’s worth begging for donations (birthday coming soon…). Sure, there are other types (read: cheap) of molding that could be used sure, but I think they devalue the overall look of the bar.

Adds a nice touch

Adds a nice touch


A good bartender always listens....

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