Maddie’s New Sandbox

This weekend we decided to build Madaghan a sandbox. I used 4 2×10’s for the sides, 2×4’s for the bench, and scrap 2×10’s for the corner supports. We’re gonna need a bit more sand than we thought!

New Sandbox with bench

New Sandbox with bench

Have a seat!

Have a seat!


Going to need a bit more sand

Going to need a bit more sand


5 Comments on “Maddie’s New Sandbox”

  1. Eugene says:

    sweeeeeeet!!! I’m so jealous. I had a sandbox when I was little, damn cats used it as a litter box, be careful of that. Looks bigger from the last angle than the first. Just a tad bit more sand and you should be good to go 😉

    Did you paint the wood green? Looks good.


  2. MBIII says:

    good spot for a sandbox. looks like she’ll have some shade too. buena idea. looks like fun, I want to play.


  3. Me says:

    Awesome sandbox. Is there a cover,so the “critters” don’t start calling it home


    • oshea12566 says:

      No cover. The sandbox is 10 X 10 so a cover would be very heavy, and a tarp would be cumbersome. Not to many critters will bother to cross the fence plus have to deal with Sierra. I feel bad for any cats and racoons or anything else that will try to invade Sierra’s territory.


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