Milestone Reached

I have a wonderful announcement. No, Moms…none of you are going to be grandparents for the second time. Please get back up onto your chairs. I’ll wait. ….. [Steps right up to the microphone…leans in…Tap tap tap  ….pause…static] Today, in this great nation of ours a milestone has been reached. Did we walk on Mars? No. Cure for cancer? No. Stop clubbing baby seals? No. I am referring to this humble blog. 101 posts and counting. That is all. Carry on.
101 Posts. Yeah Me.

101 Posts. Yeah Me.


3 Comments on “Milestone Reached”

  1. P. Pooler says:

    Agatha Christie never gave up. Keep on looking. Comment on the placement of “comment”, it should be at the bottom of the entry. This way you don’t have to scroll all the way back up again.


  2. Eugene says:

    I am exactly a quarter of the way there. Watch out I’m coming for ya.


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