Donations Now Being Accepted-Again.

Due to the underwhelming response to Donations Now Being Accepted, I am trying it again. The plumber came by yesterday afternoon and quoted me a price.  First he said “Wow what an awesome bar. I am so lucky to be in the prsence of something so magical.” Ok, I made that part up. But he did say that what I wanted to do was possible.I must tell you how relieved I was to hear him say that my original plan could work. I had visions of me Jackhammering the basment floor installing a dry well. Not so. Turns out the entire job will cost….drum roll…..ready? I bet you want to know so you can send me, the lovable and furry Brian an early Birthday gift. The envelope please…..The job is quoted at $410. Make checks payable to Laurie-I am not allowed to handle money. I know what you are probably thinking: “But wait Brian! Before I fire off my donation to you, I think you should get a second estimate…” Have no fear my dear readers Plumber #2 is coming this evening at 5pm.  I will update this post after he leaves. Hold onto your checkbooks and stay tuned. OK, plumber #2 just left. He quoted 250. Wow that is alot less. Plumber #2 comes recommended, whereas Plumber #1 was from Craigs List. I am going with plumber #2. Sweet.

Won't you take me home?

Won't you take me home?


A good bartender always listens....

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