Shady Pine Bush Equipment (PBE)

PBE is Shady shady shady. And not Slim Shady. Shady, deceitful business practices. They did nothing illegal, just in my humble opinion a wrong way to conduct business.  They are running a Winter Service Special for Kubota BX24 at 250.00  The Loyal Readers know that is my tractor.You know… the one that makes me awesome. So, it was time to service the big bad orange mean machine. Called them up, made an appointment. Service guy came out to the house, checked over the machine, changed fluids, fiddled with a switch or two, blah blah blah. The service part went smoothly, I would venture to even say very well. It was the billing part that frustrated me. First, the pre-authorized a charge of 500 for a 250 service. The B.S.Red Flag was raised.  A day or two later, I was billed 344.00 Why?  I called over there and was informed about added charges of tax, mileage and extra labor. Tax I get, ok I but it despite the fact the taxed me for Ulster county and I do not live in Ulster county. Please pay attention to detail my billing friend. I only spent 18K in your place of sinking business, the least you could do is remember where the h-e- double hockey sticks I live. Mileage? Labor? They billed me mileage 2.50 a mile to come out to service my tractor that I bought from them. $20 in labor for attempting to fix a tire. He put three patches in the sidewall. Less than 10 minutes. PBE rep Gabe said about the mileage: “it is on the flyer” Oh I am sure it is somewhere on the bottom in small print. Meanwhile the price of 250 is big bold and red. Shame on me for not reading more closely. At this point, Gabe could have saved the day. Mr. O’Shea, we will only charge you the 250 bucks. In the future, please be aware that it costs 40 dollars for us to come to your house. I wish I still had the flyer for two reasons. One, I want to verify his story, two I want to see how much I did not pay attention to detail.  To me, just seems PBE hid the fees. When I called to make the appointment, not once did any PBE representative mention anything about extra mileage charge. And why should they? Afterall it’s on the flyer right? Stupid customers.Why be concerned with customers?  Of note, PBE is having their employees go on a rotational furloughs to avoid layoffs. The very nice, cool service guy that came to my house told me that he is not going to be working for the month of March. He might want to have a chat with the slick guys in the billing department. Starting with Gabe, he could let him know that it is not a good idea to piss off  what customers they have left. I hope my extra 94 dollars helps. Hope it was worth it. Hope PBE holds onto my 94 dollars for dear business life as they sink into oblivion. I do not want to go back there and I plan to purchase future attachments and parts from another dealer.


A good bartender always listens....

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