Tommy the Cat.

I am not sure how to spread this news so I will just lay it out.

We adopted a cat.

“Did I just read  that right?”

Yes you read it correctly, we adopted a cat. Whydid we adopt a cat? To annoy the crap out of Sierra.  Just kidding.  Maddie has been asking for a cat for a while, plus we would like a cat to keep vermin and rodents away.  The traditional starter pet of hamster or guinea pig is out of the question since yours truly is allergic to rodents. So, this morning Laurie and I rescued a cat from the evil clutchess of the MIddletown Humane Society. We went there about 12 noon, a few minutes after they opened. We intended to adopt a nice black and white cat named Dallas that was about 6 years old. His owner was admitted to a home and the family did not want ‘ol Dallas.  Dallas was declawed, spayed, nutered, all shots up to date. Perfect cat. So we called this morning and the nice volunteer lady with the smokey voice told us Dallas is still available. We arrived to the shelter and was greeted by the stench of ammonia, urine and barking dogs. Ever notice the smaller the dog, the more ear piercing the bark?  We met smokey lady and she escorted us to Dallas. Oh, first we had to sign in, ’cause…well I have no idea why. I signed Pussy Galore. I chuckled at the irony.  So smokey lady led us through the doors and we saw Dallas lounging in his cage, planning world domination. She opened the cage and Dallas hissed. We chalked it up to being in the cage, listening to the constant yap yap yap of little dogs. We discussed giving Dallas a week in our house to adjust.  Than we saw Tom the Cat. Meowing up at us, reaching through tha cage wanting to play. Smokey lady let us take him into a room. Best part? The room had a stuffed cat in it. Yes a nice oldlady donated a stuffed cat to the shelter. Isn’t that nice? Yeah, we thought it was creepy too. Tommy and Laurie got along swimmingly. Purring, doing that cat thing where they ram their head into your hand. Into a box Tommy went, one check written, paperwork signed and out the door.  I signed my real name this time, since it was official Humane Society paperwork, and she was sure to tell me it is a misdemeanor. Forget the fact they did not ask for ID. Oh, and they post bounce checks from people on the door. Laws be damned.

We went to the supermarket and got two bowls, ktty litter, and cat food. I would take a few pictures of our new addition, but he is in the house somewhere and we can not find him. Stay tuned. So around 6pm this evening Tommy decided to join us. Oh, he will be renamed when Maddie returns. ..Tommy was the name the shelter gave him. Here is a few random pictures of the newest addition.

Me likes Flowers.

Yes, I am cute



8 Comments on “Tommy the Cat.”

  1. Eugene says:

    awwwww very cute addition to the family. How does Maddie like him? She must be elated.


    • oshea12566 says:

      “elated” Nice scrabble word my friend. She has not met him yet, she will be home from her Grammie Pammie’s house on Saturday. Hope it goes well.


  2. jeanmarie says:

    soooo how is Maddie liking her new cat? did she rename it?


    • oshea12566 says:

      We did rename him. His new name is “Tim. Tim the enchanter.” Sorry, I could not resist the “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” reference. We re named him to Raza, from Disney’s Aladdin. He was Jasmine’s tiger.


  3. di says:

    i’m lovin the name.. so does maddie say his name “wahsha”??


  4. Me says:

    Does Raza respond to his new name yet?


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