Spring and Summer To-Do List Part 1

Why part 1?  I am sure I will think of more stuff to do from the date of this post.  I like to have two projects going on at the same time. One outside and one inside for rainy days. Here is a list of things we are hoping to get done this spring and summer:


-Remove the small stumps and the Volkswagon-sized buried boulders in the front yard.

-Fill the front yard with clean fill to make it nice and level.

-Finish Laurie’s rock wall. Rock by rock. Any volunteers?

-Put down 1″ of topsoil in the front yard ontop of the clean fill. Why 1″? Not only is topsoild very expensive, grass will grown anywhere. Clean fill can grow grass.

-Remove the fire pit. Again.

-Rent a dumpster.

-Clear the brush from the side yard. Borrow my friend Mark’s fork attachment for the bucket on the tractor and dump the brush into the dumpster. Free mulch for anyone.

-Clean out the house. Anything not nailed down or has not been used in 3 months is getting tossed. Ok, that is a slight exaggeration. Seriously, Laurie if you are reading this nail stuff down you do not want thrown out.

-The garage. Oh holy jeez the garage. Should I consider the garage inside or outside? I am not sure….Anyway when the dumpster is on site, the garage is getting thrown out. Everything in the garage that is not a tool or a wood pellet is getting tossed. How long can you keep paint? I mean really.

-Cut down some more trees,  another Craig’s List post for free firewood.  There a few trees in the backyard that have to come down.

-Order stone for the driveway. Paving the driveway does not make alot of sense right now because of all the landscaping going on in front of the house. All the trucks delivering fill (for frontyard and backyard) and the weight of the tractor would probably ruin it. Paving will be last.



– Finish plumbing for the bar

-Start the rock wall behind the bar

-Move the stove out of the way to get the rug and tile platform up. Put platform back, hire Men at Work (yikes) to re install stove.

-Purchase and install Kegerator.

-Finish bar top

-Rip off old wainscotting; replace it with tongue and groove pine paneling.

-Paint walls any color ideas? I was thinking white with purple polka-dots.

-Stain the cement floor. Yes, stain it. Or maybe stamped concrete? Not sure yet. Wood floor is nice, nay..awesome..but I want a floor that is easy to maintain and when someone drops and breaks a glass or bottle I want to laugh and point at them  instead of being concerned about some stain. Plus, and this is a big plus my loyal readers is we want to have the outside patio be the same material as the inside floor. Ahhh…get it? So when we have a party and the weather is nice, the patio will be extended into the house kinda sorta thing. If anyone has trouble picturing this design, just wait. Someday you will see.

– Do something with the ceiling….uggh…the ceiling. I want to leave it open with the rafters exposed but to many wires showing. I am not sure what to do with the ceiling. But with all of the above going on, I am sure I have time to think about it…any suggestions?


7 Comments on “Spring and Summer To-Do List Part 1”

  1. Jay says:

    I have a guy who will deliver gravel to you for your driveway. Also, I have the guy’s number that delivers mulch for $20 per yard. Just let me know if you need either of them.


  2. di says:

    maddie better be good other wise you may chuck her out to the dumpster if shes not carefull…. laurie better teach her how to hammer =)


  3. Eugene says:

    -Rip off old wainscotting; replace it with tongue and groove pine paneling.

    -Paint walls any color ideas? I was thinking white with purple polka-dots.

    I am assuming you are going to put the paneling just on the bottom half of the wall? Otherwise whats the point of putting up paneling if your just gonna paint it.

    In any case, if your going for the bright and airy look, yes white with purple polka dots would work, if you are going to dark and “man-cavey” (yeah I made that adjective up) then go with black with pink polka dots much more “man-cavey”

    As for the floor, I’d say stamped concrete. I think it’s kinda expensive though, not too sure. But I definitely see where you’re coming from on the wood floor. Good luck, can’t wait to see the finished product.


  4. Brian says:

    Eugene, your assumption is a correct one. I am tearing off the old wainscotting and replacing it with tongue and wainscotting. Hence the need for paint color. And if you say “Man-Cavey” one more time, I think you have to turn in your Man Card. Also, polka-dots do not belong within a 5 mile radius of a bar. Glad you like the stamped concrete idea, I am liking it too. I hope it is not expensive. But on the list of things to do that is item # 1,048 and I am only on #578.


  5. Me says:

    I am exhausted just from reading your “list”. I am going to suggest a nice wood laminate floor, like the one I have in the backroom. Very easy to keep clean.


    • oshea12566 says:

      I was exhausted just writing the to-do list. Broke out into a sweat, fingers swollen from typing. Problem with the laminate floor is that it could only be sanded once or twice before it needs to be replaced. Where as a real wood floor can be sanded down a million times and it would be like new. But real wood floor is expensive. Stained concrete is 1/3 the cost of wood flooring. Now, with a laminate floor, I would be worried about spills and broken bottles. I prefer the point and laugh method as opposed to the running around looking for a damp towel method. Plus, a dropped beer bottle landing on a laminate floor does not give the satisfactory crash as it would on concrete. Correction- stained, sealed and polished concrete.


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