GE Refrigerator Broken

Yesterday, Laurie and I noticed the hot dogs in the freezer were not solid. I said:”That’s peculiar”. Perhaps the freezer is in some sort of defrost cycle? I noticed ice crystals on the back wall-this was not looking good. I busted out the instruction manual and it stated a drain might be clogged. I poured hot water down the drain as per instructions and nothing. 24 hours later, hotdogs are soggy and the fridge is warm. I called GE this morning at 8:05 am and spoke with “Jessica” and a service tech will be at the house tomorrow between 8am and 5pm.  Another day off from work.  Will GE show up tomorrow?  Will it be covered under warranty? GE has the chance to restore my faith in service calls (Harmon Pellet Stove Nightmare) Stay tuned….


7 Comments on “GE Refrigerator Broken”

  1. your wonderful sister says:

    well if you still have all that lovely snow , you can wrap up all your food and use the fridge called mother nature.


  2. di says:

    oh yeah and i do miss the picture that is usually at the top of the website. the blue is boring


  3. P.Pooler says:

    Sorry to hear about the refridgerator. I guess snow isn’t the only thing to defrost. 🙂


  4. Jeanmarie says:

    Just don’t leave all that yummy food out during the night in case some cold hungry animals sniff it out and come runnin’.

    oh yeah one thing I do miss about winter and snow, was being able to store the beer outside. Ahhh beer with ice chips, yum! <>


    • oshea12566 says:

      Nothing like beer that is almost frozen. Not worried about animals, Sierra will kick ass and take names. Plus, we have a fence. 🙂


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