No Votes

To Quote Col. Jessup from a Few Good Men, “Check the tower logs” My tower logs say I average 45 readers to this humble blog a day. Yet, only 5 people voted for what the bar should be made out of.  Someone voted twice not mentioning any names (MBIII). Let us see if we can get more audience participation. That way, when you see my finsh bar someday you could say:” Dude, why is it stone? I voted for wood. Your bar sucks” See? If you don’t vote, you can not complain. Please click a button below. Oh!….if you vote for “OTHER” please write what you think it should be. Stay tuned for the results.


2 Comments on “No Votes”

  1. J. O'Shea says:

    dad & I voted for stone. Don’t worry I’ll tell you what style & color, so get moving and get started. Looking forward to a Great Glass of Beer @ the heated poolside. Don”t forget about the pool-LOL-luv-ya!!!!


A good bartender always listens....

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