12th Man

As a follow up to my Supporting the Economy post, I wanted you to know that I finally heard back from UPS! I sent them an email complimenting Patrick’s performance as a Driver and here is the email I got back:
UPS driver compliment,

UPS driver compliment

I hope he gets so much recognition and  he will be so moved that he copies my email,tapes it into his locker and like the 12th man at Texas A&M, he will feel a powerful connection between driver and customers.

7 Comments on “12th Man”

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    our UPS man rocks too, his name is also Patrick! hmmm, co-inky-dink???


  2. Me says:

    Please explain “12th Man”


    • oshea12566 says:

      Current Texas A&M students call themselves the 12th Man, meaning they are there to support the 11 players on the field and are eligible and ready to enter the game if the events of 1922 were to be repeated. To further symbolize their “readiness, desire, and enthusiasm”, the entire student body stands throughout the game. A statue of E. King Gill stands to the north of Kyle Field to remind Aggies of their constant obligation to preserve the spirit of the 12th Man. Beginning in 1988, fans also began waving 12th Man Towels during the game to show their support. The tradition of towels started in 1985 when coach Jackie Sherrill’s 12th man squad began carrying them to motivate the student body in the stands. In the 1988 Cotton Bowl game vs Notre Dame, a member of Sherrill’s 12th Man Kickoff Team Warren Barhorst tackled Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown. He took Brown’s towel and waved it over his head in celebration. An infuriated Brown tackled Barhorst, earning himself a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. During the 1985-1986 football season, students began waving their own white towels, and now the towels are ubiquitous.

      Because the students are always waiting for the opportunity to support their team, they are also willing to take the credit for the team’s good deeds. A popular Aggie tradition is that “when the team scores, everybody scores.” Whenever the Aggies score points during the game, students kiss their dates.


  3. Pam says:

    Thanks for the informative explanation. A little bit of history is always a good thing to learn.


  4. leanna villella says:

    I am looking for a man who would be in his 40’s and attended Texas A and M in the 80’s He was a 12th man and he is from Texas. His first name is John and his last was I believe a simple english name like Smith,

    If anyone has any knowledge of him please let me know.

    Leanna Villella
    Welland, Ontario Canada


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      12TH man is a saying, not a person. 12th man refers to the 70,000 people in the stands. But I will be on the look out for a John Smith from Texas, there should not be too many of those.


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