Sweet Comment from the Rhode Island Contingent

Vinny Gambini: I object to this witness being called at this time. We’ve been given no prior notice he would testify. No discovery of any tests he’s conducted or reports he’s prepared. And as the court is aware, the defense is entitled to advance notice of all witness who will testify, particularly those who will give scientific evidence, so that we can properly prepare for cross-examination, as well as give the defense an opportunity to have his reports reviewed by a defense expert, who might then be in a position to contradict the veracity of his conclusions.
Judge Chamberlain Haller: Mr. Gambini?
Vinny Gambini: Yes, sir?
Judge Chamberlain Haller: That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection.
Vinny Gambini: Thank you, sir.
Judge Chamberlain Haller: Overruled.
Just like Mr. Vinny Gambini, Keith and Caroline posted a  lucid, intelligent, well thought-out comment

the more pictures and videos the better, awesome comment from me

caroline prefers that i use capitals and periods….we are fighting over this and i think that i am winning….so much for the teacher police

Hi Brian,
I’ve hijacked the computer from Keith…thus…caps and punctuation. We LOVE the pics, videos, and your entertaining comments. Yes, it’s super annoying when you spend so much time writing and people enjoy your hard work, but don’t respond. So we’ll (at least I’ll) try to read and comment more.
Ohh…your drive on the bridge reminded me of long trips in the car in the back seat with Alexa…I started to get car sick…so that wasn’t my favorite video, but a cool idea! )

Super Keith here again….oops i meant to say super keith here again….laughter ensues…caroline wanted to just say ha ha, in fact i thought laughter ensues was kinda better….your thoughts….maybe my new goal will be to write more comments on your blogs than what you actually write, that would be weird, would it not? damn, just used punctuation, caroline thinks i’m being obnoxious now, cool that i’m getting this reaction….ok she needs to speak with you.

Me again…by now you are wishing we never visited your blog or did not take your “comment more” comment seriously. I’ll try to reign Keith’s nonsensical comments in more…lots of New Year resolutions we’re making here. Ok…enough from us!

Long story short, we LOVE seeing Maddie ski—priceless!

lowercase keith here again….so brian, if you have all of this free time to blog and redo your whole house, when you’re done, come stay with us for a month and help out with some projects….would be so great, and guess what you can blog from RI on our Toshiba laptop too.


A good bartender always listens....

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