A weekend with MoistAir

One of my readers (shout out to Jay G.!)requested a review of  our new Humidifier. So…here it goes:

We spent a weekend with our new humidifier and I am ready to write a review, a quick synopsis if you will. We purchased this humidifer on Thursday. Read all about it here.  The reviews are in and here is the skinny: It is ugly, but it works. Works pretty well. The two 2 gallon bottles are easy to fill, and easy to put back into the unit. I ran into a bit of trouble because the floor the unit was on was not level to it’s liking.  The unit is extremely finicky and demands to be level will stomp its feet cross its arms and hold its breath until it is level. If not level, the water will drain from the right-hand side bottle only AND will shut off prematurely while the left-hand bottle is still full. You have to ensure the unit is level left to right AND front to back. I had to put tiles under the front casters. Since I did that, the water has been draining at the same rate for both the left and right side bottles. I am sure it will be another level-battle when I move it downstairs. But once you find the perfect level (mine actually has to be leaning slightly backward) the unit works well. I have had to refill the bottles twice a day since we got it but I chalk that up to the house being so dry from the pellet stove.

Top button is fan speed, Middle button is Humidity setting, bottom is power

Top button is fan speed, Middle button is Humidity setting, bottom is power

The controls are easy to use. You just set the humidity and fan speed and that is all. Set it and forget it. Well not exactly because you have to keep checking the bottles to see if they need more water.  Other than the unit being  downright ugly and picky about it’s level, it works pretty well.


5 Comments on “A weekend with MoistAir”

  1. Jay says:

    Thanks buddy!!!

    So do you feel warmer air in the house because of the new humidifier? How many gallons would you say it uses per day?


    • oshea12566 says:

      I have had to fill the 2 gallon containers twice a day. So let’ see that’s 4 gallons a clip..twice…carry the one..round off to the nearest one hundreth is 8. I am thinking 8 gallons right now. But that is probably due to the house being so darn dry from the pellet stove. I am sure the number of gallons will decrease as time goes on.


  2. oshea12566 says:

    Forgot to answer your question: Yes, feel warmer in the house. More “cozy” if you will.


  3. Jay says:

    Any update on the humidifier? Are you still happy with it? I have had one foot out the door for about two weeks wanting to get one, but just haven’t done it.

    How is your static situation?


    • oshea12566 says:

      Jay G: The humidifier has since been moved to the basement and works very well. I have to fill the tanks daily, but other than that, the thing works. I know this because the small room humidifers on the 2nd floor have been shutting off on their own.


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