Supporting the Economy

Laurie and I are doing out part to helping the economy stay afloat.  Today we got our new computer from Best Buy was delivered by super driver Patrick from UPS.  The laptop requires a signature to be delivered and we were not home. Know what he did?  Can you guess? No?….I will tell you. He called our house, (number on shipping package) and left a message with his personal cell phone number.  I called him and he said he could come back tonight, but since he is done for the day would it be cool if he came by first thing in the morning. Of course it is cool Patrick super star UPS man…you rock. That is right folks, a man that takes his job seriously and goes above and beyond for the customers. My loyal readers know I bitch piss and moan about customer service. To be fair, when someone goes above the job description, I feel it must be noted as well. A letter has been sent to UPS on his behalf for being awesome. Anyway, we got a new Toshiba Satellite laptop. With built- in wireless, I turned it on, and was online in minutes.

New Computer

New Computer


In addition to the new computer, we purchased a brother Fax, Scanner, Printer thing. It is wireless, so we can hide it somewhere in the house while keeping the laptop on the table.

New printer, fax, scanner, coffee maker

New printer, fax, scanner, coffee maker

The wireless feature of this new printer is going to be very helpful. Of course, there was a snag. See the disc in the picture? Of course it was cracked, why wouldn’t be? I called the 1-800 number and got a message that their office was closed.  Please call back during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9am -9pm east standard time. I called at 3pm on a Thursday. Was it a holiday I did not know about? Who knows. Who cares. Brother and I are not off to a good start. I got a hold of them the next day (today) and they will send a new CD-Rom right away.

We also bought a 15 gallon Kenmore Humidifier. We heat our house via pellet stove (take that Bottini Oil Co.!)and it dries out the air to the point our hands were cracking . Nosebleeds were not far off. After readong on another blog,  I was going to purchase the Honeywell HVM 450.  After he returned it because it kept shutting off, I heeded his advice and experience and decided against the Honeywell. Thank you Jay Gaulard. The one we purchased  humidifies up to 2900 square feet. Sure, the filters have to be changed, but at least that is once every 720 hours . That is one month. Your welcome for doing the math for you. 🙂 I ordered 6 filters online so I am all set for the rest of this year and some of next year. Problem with this unit is that it looks like furniture from the 70’s with cheap wood paneling. It is upstairs for now just  to get a head start than like Sloth from Goonies it will be banished to the basement.  Man is it ugly. But, it works, so far.

70s Media Center?

70s Media Center?


3 Comments on “Supporting the Economy”

  1. Jay G. says:

    Please let me know how this humidifier works out for you. That’s the one I was going to get before I got the other one. If the filter changes are only once per month, that’s not all that bad.

    If you like it, I may go that route.


  2. […] am ready to write a review, a quick synopsis if you will. We purchased this humidifer on Thursday. Read all about it here.  The reviews are in and here is the skinny: It is ugly, but it works. Works pretty well. The two […]


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