Mom, Me & MBIII

Ahh…Farmingville, NY 197?.  I am the one in diapers. Jeanmarie in her safety cone orange outfit. Whomever dressed JM that morning must of really wanted cars to avoid her.  Did children often play in traffic in 1976? Was it necessary to dress a child like a traffic control device?  Very safe location for the open flame hibachi. Right next to the house. Nice. How the hell did any of us make it out of the 70s?

circa 1976?
circa 1976?

Special shout out to Hamma Time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY brother!


2 Comments on “Mom, Me & MBIII”

  1. Me says:

    This was around 1976. Thanks goodness, everyone is being polite, no comments on how I looked back then.

    Where has the years gone?


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