Maddie Second Ski

We got up around 10am and headed out for Maddie’s second day of skiing.  This time, Maddie had her very own skis and boots. She thought she was the Snow Princess. We headed for the bunny hill and saw that it had a tow rope. Laurie and I were relieved that we would not have drag Maddie back up the hill time and time again.

Tow rope on the right

Tow rope on the right

Here are the girls after two trips down the hill:



The tow rope did not go so well.  Maddie was terrified of the tow rope so we had to drag her up the hill. Not as easy as it sounds. The first time is ok, but the six and seventh no so easy. Does not help that Maddie would lean back and we would be dragging her up. What a site we must have been.

One of the funniest site is being right in front of a toddler as she is barreling down the hill at 100 mph. Holy cow is it funny. Eyes wide open, screaming, hands up in the air, nothing but fear. Oh so funny.


A good bartender always listens....

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