Jeep for Sale

End of an era
End of an era

Why sell the Jeep?? Simple, it needs 1700 worth of work. New tires, new brakes, new windshield, new wiper motor., new wiring for the directionals. One might ask: “But don’t you need a 4×4 in upstate NY? “Yes, yes you do. We are going to tough it out this winter and plan to purchase something new in the Fall. Probably a Subaru Legacy AWD 3.0.  The Jeep has always been there for us, but now it is time to say good-bye. Hopefully she will be adopted by a family with a farm where she can run around all day and chase little Suzuki Sidekicks and Honda Civics.  I am asking 2800 for it. Kelly Blue Book says it is worth 3,500 in fair condition. So, 2800 is not bad considering I am including the two soft tops we have for it.  If anyone wishes to talk me out of it, feel free to COMMENT. That is right…. comment.  We all learned how to comment in the previous post.  Hopefully the following comment will be posted:

” Brian please sweet Jesus do not sell that Jeep! We will give you money to fix it up! Please for the love of God!! Don’t sell that  Jeep!”.

I have never had anyone buy me a car, I know a few people that have had cars bought for them, and I am sure they were happy that someone gave them a whole car for free.  So if anyone wants to be first to buy us, a car..a Subaru AWD would be nice or another Jeep would be cool too. Hey here is an idea…does anyone have a Jeep sitting around not being used for the winter? You could have it back in April….Anyone?….Anyone?  


3 Comments on “Jeep for Sale”

  1. Sean Pecor says:

    Might I interest you in a 2008 Ford F-350 4×4 SRW with only 18,000 miles? It gets a very economical 12.8mpg, downhill, with the wind at your back 😉 On the plus side, nobody ever cuts you off, and you’re visible from space!


    • oshea12566 says:

      12.9 mpg hmmm that is about as economical as a shoebox on wheels, or more commonly known as a Jeep Wrangler. Being visible from space would probably come in handy tho. I am sticking with the Subaru Legacy but I do appreciate the thought and offer. 🙂 Driving to Manhattan everyday at 12.9 mpg would put be in the poor house.


  2. […] January 15, 2011 by O'Shea Shenanigans After years of saying:” We need a four-wheel drive vehicle” and years of calling out when there is 1″ of snow on the road, we went and bought ourselves another Jeep. Some of my long term readers (Hi Mom!) will remember our old Jeep. […]


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