Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

We stayed up all night putting the trampoline together.  They give you this funky looking tool that helps you stretch the bungee cords around the metal frame. When used properly, it works like a charm.  When not used properly one could loose and eye.  It took me about 2 hours to put together so it was not that bad.  The pink kitchen by comparison, took 5 seconds.

Opening gifts

Opening gifts

Maddie woke up at 7am and started opening her gifts one by one. She was cool, calm and collected. Slicing through each presents with precision of a surgeon.  She took her time with each one instead of tearing through paper than chucking the gift and on to the next one.  She was very diligent.

Taking her time

Taking her time

In the afternoon, we went down to Long Island to Mi-ma’s and Popi’s.  Upon arrival, no one was home. Laurie, Maddie and I went to the little slice of heaven called the Nautilus. I was not aware the diner was reserved for those that live in a trailer, shop at Wal-Mart,  have grooming problems, have smokers’ cough, and smell like mothballs. Is it a neighborhood custom I am not aware of? DidI must some sort of memo? If someone blindfolded me sat me at the table, than removed the blindfold I would have sworn I was at the Mos Eisley spaceport.  You remember the cantina scene from the original Star Wars? I snapped a quick pic to mark the special occasion:

Christmas night at the Nautilus

Christmas night at the Nautilus Diner

Here is my review: You already have an idea of the atmosphere. Picture any Atlantic City casino on a given Wednesday at 1am complete with mirrors on the walls surrounded by brick. Sweet. The food was your standard diner food. I stupidly ordered the broiled lobster, the night’s special.  What was I thinking? When your waiter brings you a lobster and no lobster crackers, no butter, no bowl to put your shells in,that should be taken as a sign. Service was slow as expected. I mean who wants to be working Christmas, so I guess they get some sort of pass. But still, the place was half empty and they staff felt we should be grateful they are talking to us.  So if you are ever on Long Island avoid the Nautilus diner in Seaford by all costs. Unless of course, you are on your way home from shopping spree at Wal Mart.

The next day (Friday) we spent the day with Dave, T, and Ryan.  We spent the day watching Ryan and Maddie open 1,000 presents.  Ate a nice dinner of ham and mashed potatoes. The kids had a blast, stayed up late, ran around the house good times had by all.  I think we played Nintendo Wii until midnight.

On Saturday we packed up and climbed into the car yet again and shlepped on over to the Grammie Pammie and Grandpa Jay’s place in Bethpage. We watched Christmas Vacation. Reminds me, I thought I saw Eddie’s rusted out Winnebego parked at the Nautilis. Anyway, we exchanged gifts and ate a nice dinner of sausage bread and other assorted goodies. What were those other goodies? I dunno. I just ate the sausage bread. After dinner, we packed the car (again), climbed into the car (again) and made the trek back up North.


4 Comments on “Christmas”

  1. Jay says:

    You are starting to sound like me…I get all excited about the various crowds of people I come across. I really wonder about some of them.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Jay: does make you wonder about some people. Scary part is, most of the have a driver’s license and drive on the same roads we do.


  2. TRICIA says:

    Hey watch it with those comments on the Seaford folks – that is my old stomping ground ya know?? LOL I can’t picture what diner you are talking about – I thought I had been to every one within a 15 mile radius


    • oshea12566 says:

      Maybe it wasn’t Seaford, I am not sure. Maybe we were still in Laurie’s hometown of Wantagh. Welcome aboard! Nice to hear from you!


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