Only in New York

Only in New York

Only in New York

Here is a picture of why I want to leave this city. How exactly does one explain this? Lets’s imagine the phone conversation of the moron in the blue honda:
Moron: Honey, yeah I am going to be late.
Wife: Why?
Moron: I am trapped in a toll booth.
Wife:”A troll took your tooth?”
Moron:” No, I thought two cars could fit through the toll booth at the same  time. So, I tried to squeeze by, and well now I am trapped. I am sure you will see it on the internet.
Wife:”I am sorry do you mean to tell me that you tried to squeeze two cars through the toll booth?”
Moron: “Yes.”
Wife:”It would have been better if a troll stoll your tooth. You are a moron”

A good bartender always listens....

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