A Walk in the Woods

Laurie, Maddie  Boots, & I went for a walk in the woods behind our house today. We never actually crossed the stream and went up the mountain on the other side. Today we did.
We crossed this stream

We crossed this stream

Top of the hill, stream in the background...way down below.

On top of the hill, stream in the background, far down below.

View from top of the hill looking down onto the stream

View from top of the hill looking down onto the stream

Maddie did a good job walking up the hill and through woods.Her little legs carried up and over boulders and logs. She loved it and did not want to leave. We should done this a long time ago as it is peaceful and the scenery is nice. We even joked about building a picnic table on top of the hill and having lunch back there every so often. But that bring unwanted attention from our very large furry brown bear friends, so that was scratched off the to-do list.

Maddie taking in the view

Maddie taking in the view


One Comment on “A Walk in the Woods”

  1. Over on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog on the Dark Stripes post you asked about agri-tourism and making our old farm house into a weekend rental.

    It’s something we’ve thought about it but I doubt it will ever happen. In addition to the issues I had mentioned before like the costs there are also a lot of regulations.

    We would also have to put in a very expensive ($15,000) new septic system to come under the regulations and if we provided any food there would be additional regulations.

    On top of that there is some weirdness about if we’re doing agri-tourism we could lose our farm status which has significant tax and other implications that would again dramatically increase our costs.

    If we were to do agri-tourism then what I would like to do is build cottages, something we’ve talked about, much like our tiny cottage. That requires virtually no maintenance, can’t burn down and are almost self-heating in the winter. The old farm house is a big job to both fix up and to maintain.

    It all gets quite complex and we would prefer to focus on the things we can do well. I’m also dubious, especially in this changing economy, as to whether the agri-tourism would pay. Virtual visits may be the best way.




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