Positive Rant about Seekamp Lumber

On Sunday, Sept 14th I went to Seekamp Lumber, 97 Boniface Dr. Pine Bush, NY 12566 (845) 744-2300 trying to buy 3/4″ inch plywood. I pull into the parking lot at 10:30am (8am-12noon Sundays)hoping to get 3 sheets of plywood cut to fit into the back of the Saturn. The guy behind the counter asks what part of Pine Bush I am from and says he will deliver it. For nothing. WHAT??? Someone going above and beyond??? He could have just cut the wood, put it into the back of the Saturn and called it a sale. However, he was genuinely interested in my bar project and wanted to be sure I would have no waste. He showed up at my house at 12:30 and we unloaded his truck. So instead of having a bunch of cut up sheets, I had 3 full 4x8s. It pays to shop local. I know I would not have recieved such personal service from Lowes or Home Depot. Those stores could care less about their customers. Thank you very much Seekamp Lumber, I will now purchase all my lumber from you instead of the giant box store.


A good bartender always listens....

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