Sesame Place

We took Maddie to Sesame Place. Needless to say, she had a blast! We left Wednesday morning, and arrived around 11 am. Maddie loved the place.





Maddies Hotel Room

Room #201

Maddie liked her hotel accomodations.  Since we had to spend so much on gas to get there, sacrifices had to be made. Not bad for a one star hotel though.

Rubber Duckie

Rubber Duckie


Being the evil parents we are, we climbed the 4 or 5 stories to hop into an inflatable tube with a canvass bottom and slide down a plastic slide holding 12,000 gallons built by the lowest bidder. I think the most scary part about rides is not the actual ride itself, but imagining the maintenance program.  So at the end of the ride there is a huge drop and Maddie was screaming and crying. We thought, “oh no, what did we do?” Well, she was screaming to go on again! So we did. A total of 3 times. 

Breakfast with Cookie

Breakfast with Cookie

We got to the park early and had breakfast with the characters. It was pretty cool, Count, Cookie, Big Bird, and Grover each spent time at your table before moving on to the next one.
Giant wave pool
Pool is heated now.

After breakfast we kinda just roamed the park like nomads. We rode the Lazy River, saw a show with the characters, went out to the car and slept, swam in the wave pool. Oh, we also rode the Rubber Duckie slide again.

Dinner with Elmo
Dinner with Elmo

So around 5pm we had dinner with Elmo. It was cool because like the breakfast, not to many people, and things were organized. The characters did a couple of musical tunes, I had a nice chicken parm, Laurie had the salmon, Maddie had the chocolate-chip cookie.





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