Wood Pellet Day 2008

So, I rented this truck for 123 dollars,  

The Truck

The Truck


pallet jack

drove back into Middletown,rented a pallet jack for 40 dollars, drove back to Pine Bush, parked the truck behind True Value, went to the service counter only to be told that they did not have any pellets. Despite the fact I called and confirmed.  I wasted 2:14 driving around aimlessly. Check out the bottom left hand corner:.

Bottom left hand corner

Bottom left hand corner

 The manager felt terrible so he went to another store and got 4 pallets and delivered them to my house, no charge. I guess it is a wash afterall, I wasted alot of money on a truck just to drive around town. So he came to the house with one of the guys from the store and the three of us moved 80 bags of pellets at 40 lbs each. Good times.

2 Comments on “Wood Pellet Day 2008”

  1. Aunt Cindy says:

    one word for you…ADVIL!!!!!


  2. Aunt Jeams says:

    No three words….blood pressure medicine!


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