Attack of the Barbie ATV

It was warm today, somewhere in the 40’s. Mi-ma and Pop-Pop drove up from Long Island to take Maddie out to lunch. She had a great time, and Laurie and I enjoyed a quiet house for 2 hours.

 After they left,Maddie tried to run down her swing set with her new ATV.











The swing set survived the attack, so Maddie (a -la Wile E. Coyote style) went back to the drawing board and attacked with a lawn mower.

Mow the swing set down!

Mow the swing set down!




Happy to announce to the Swing Set lives. Laurie and I re-organized some of the kitchen cabinets and got rid of our china cabinent. I get to burn it tomorrow! We also had the new Direct TV installed, a new DVR. Very exciting so we can record shows that are on at 9pm and watch them thnext day before our bedtime of 8pm!! Very exciting stuff.


A good bartender always listens....

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