Pine Bush Pharmacy Rant

Last night I ran out to our small-town-non-chain pharmacy, cleverly named Pine Bush Pharmacy. The same pharmacy that offered Purfumes for sale, (fumes that pur??) instead of the more popular, Perfumes. Read the Article:

I arrived at the Pharmacy That Can Not Spell to find out that their computers were down and could not fill the prescription I had just called in not more that 15 minutes prior.  Despite the fact he said it would be ready in twenty minutes. That would have been a good time to tell me their system crashed. Upon arrival, I noticed that there was another 3 people waiting for prescriptions. While waiting for the computers to come back online, the phone behind the counter kept ringing and the teenage girl who couldn’t care less kept telling the callers: “Please call back, we are extremely busy.” I looked to my left and to my right and counted 3 people. If this was extremely busy to her, than she better not leave Pine Bush. Would hate to see her in Penn Station at 7am. So, I inquired about how long would it be, and could they fill the prescription without the computer since we have been coming there for 3 years every week for the same prescription. She mumbled in her best -trying-to-sound-professional: ” the computer will be up in like..umm…twenty minutes.?” I am not sure if she was asking me or telling, yet I pressed on: I asked her what time do they close (I know it is 8pm) and she promptly stated:” 8pm” Yes, closing time is something Pine Bush Pharmacy can get right. That was their time to shine, instead of valiantly declaring “8pm!”  How about:” Normally we close at 8pm, but we are going to stay open a bit later since our customers have been inconvenienced, and we want to make sure everyone gets their prescriptions. But no. She knew the answer right off the bat, and without even missing a beat proclaimed:” 8 o’clock!” This time I was certain she was telling me.

 After she told me the closing time, I heard the pharmacist say to someone on the phone:” if you can not help me, get someone who can.” Wow. That, was my cue to leave. Don’t they have a back up system? Pen and paper perhaps? I am done with the Mom and Pop pharmacy, I tried. Got on the whole bandwagon of keeping business local, local dollars for local economy,rah rah rah. But when the local business hires customer service people who could care less about customers, what do you do? People need their medicine to live, and when you have a twenty something  kid telling customers to call back because “we are extremely busy right now” when there is only 3 of us in the store, that signals that the pharmacy lacks the foresight to have a system in place to deal with the inevitable computer problem plus the pharmacy hires employees that can not handle more that one or two people. That, is not the type of pharmacy for us. Off to Rite-Aid and the drive-thru pharmacy.


A good bartender always listens....

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